tirsdag 12. juni 2012

SCOM Reporting - High availability?

When moving RMS role to new MS, how to move Reporting references....

So reporting redundancy has been a pain point in SCOM 2007, and as to my knowledge it hasn’t been changed that much in 2012 either. It’s not like it’s a problem within SCOM rather the limitations lie in on how SRS works and gets configured. In this post I shall descibe a customer scenario where we had this Challenge With SCOM 2007, but during the near future I shall also be posting a workaround for SCOM 2012 as the same solution cannot be used due to removal of RMS role.

             So back in the SCOM 2007 days, you normally installed reporting and were asked to provide  information regarding the RMS, when you specified this it sort of became hardcoded in the reporting server. In case of RMS failure or move, you have to manually promote a MS to take over the RMS role and at the same time this information had to be updated in the reporting server. You started to get alerts stating Reporting failures. I have seen a couple of blogs describing setting up reporting in cluster, but out goal was to find a simple solution which was simple, efficient and easy to implement, despite technical level.

                So in order to do make this happen I used the DNS manipulation approach. I added a dummy a record with the RMS’s ip address. This actually did three things which make our lives easier afterwards.

                So in my DNS management console it looks a bit like this.

The idea is that if the RMS has to be changed, we just perform a simple change in the DNS console, and this takes care of the rest.  The reporting alias is registered at following locations

Located under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations manager\3.0\Reporting\DefaultSDKServiceMachine

And in the reporting configuration file

Now, with all this in place, you just have to change A host record to new ip and your good to go! Ths datawarehouse deployment error Messages should og away. If you want to se an immediate effect, you can run a ipconfig /flushdns on SRS server and just restart reporting.
This post describes how to install it on a New installed Reporting server, but the same approach can also be used on a Reporting server that needs to be made "easier to manage" in case of RMS movement.